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Missing file?

Happy New Year!

I’m using EagleFiler during its 30 day eval and trying to fit it into my workflow. I’ll enjoying it enough that I am looking for help here. If I didn’t like it enough to buy it I would just remove it from my machine, but I like it so far!

I added some source code folders and ran into the problem of duplicate files where the same filenames were nested in folders. So I deleted the folders and added them as archives instead, which is one big .zip file.

However, now I get a whole bunch of “Missing File” errors from the folders I had before. When I choose Reveal in Finder or Reveal in Library on the errors, a new finder or eaglefiler window pops up but no record is revealed, just a regular window. I delete the errors, but they come back when I restart.

Any idea what is going on here? Is it possible to rebuild the library, so to speak?


The duplicate file error pertains to files that have exactly the same content. The names don’t matter. If you actually do want to store multiple files with the same content, I’d be interested to know your reasons, as I’m considering whether to add a preference to disable the check for duplicate files.

Did you delete the files in EagleFiler or in the Finder? The Missing File error means that you had a file in the library, which was not deleted in EagleFiler, but it was moved or deleted in the Finder so that EagleFiler can no longer find it.

Reveal In Finder shows the folder in the Finder where EagleFiler expected to find the file. Reveal In EagleFiler should select the file in the EagleFiler window.

What to do would depend on whether the missing files are ones that you moved/deleted without going through EagleFiler (in which case you’d want to try to update the file’s location or delete it within EagleFiler) or whether you didn’t touch the file (in which case you could try restoring it from a backup and copying it into the correct location in the library).

Thanks for the help.

Why would I want same content in two files in EagleFiler?

I was adding source code directories and the project has two files in a “public_html” folder called dispatch.cgi and dispatch.fcgi. DIfferent names, happens to be the same content (for now.) I could delete one, but for completeness sake I would normally keep it as it is expected to be in that folder. I was messing around more than anything, I have subversion for code, which is more appropriate, but that is what got me started with the duplicate file.

As for the missing file errors, I thought I deleted the original files from eaglefiler, but I could’ve easily deleted it from the finder being a newb. The funny thing is that I can’t find a reference to it in eaglefiler. Nothing shows up in “Reveal in Library,” so I’m not too sure how to delete a bad reference. If I do a search in eaglefiler for one of the missing filenames, nothing comes up either.

Thanks for responding to a demo user!

I posted too soon. I did another search, this time in the trash and the file references are there. When I do a verify it fails, so it can’t find the files, I guess. I must have messed with the trash somehow. I’ll keep trying.


Ok, I emptied the Trash and only had one error: Missing Trash file! I recreated that folder in the library folder and everything seems good.

So it was a newbie error after all!


Thanks for the follow-up. It appears there’s a bug where Reveal In EagleFiler doesn’t work if the file is in the trash. I’ll fix that for the next version.

Hi Michael
I think I would like a link in the library file structure where the duplicated file is to the file in the library.
I am attempting to use ef to create an archive of graphic projects where i usually use indesign or illustrator. Some of the projects have been supplied by outside graphic agencies, some created by myself.
I usually store all the files relevant to a project in a set of folders, and since the same logos, fonts or images are used on multiple projects, I end up with multiple copies of the same files.
The purpose of the ef library archive is to enable me to find specific projects, and to enable me to find associated files. NOT having dupes saves me an enormous amount of disk space, but the ability to go to the folder location and find a link if the file was duplicated would be great.
I now expect Michael to suggest an elegant, simple twist to my working practice which will make my job dead easy without any change to ef!<g>

Lots of people have requested links, and they’re on my list. Personally, I’m not sure it makes sense to auto-create a link if the file is a duplicate. I think people would expect EagleFiler to always copy in the file (so that if you change one it changes the other) or always create a link, but not to change the behavior based on the dragged file’s contents. It’s quite possible, especially with text files, to have two files that are “accidentally” identical, but which won’t remain so. But thanks for the data point. I’m still working out how I want links to behave, based on the different possible uses for them.

LOL, well in this case it might make sense to use tags for your projects. The same file can appear in multiple tag sources.

This was fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.2.