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More Spam than before installing

I’m currently seeing more spam messages then before I installed SpamSieve. I’ve been inputting training spam messages for the last three days and I still get the same messages back in my inbox as well as duplicates of the messages. I also see messages in my mailbox that I know I classified as spam in using the train button.

Your filter is catching some of the spam, but a lot is still getting through. I’ve double checked my host e-mail settings and have disabled all spam filters at that end. The rule as instructed is installed. What can I do to make the product work better?

Please contact me via e-mail, following the instructions on the What information should I include when I report a problem? page.

Thanks for sending the information. According to the log, the messages that you’re training as spam were not ones that SpamSieve misclassified. Rather, they’re ones that it was never given the opportunity to filter. This can happen if the Apple Mail rule is not set to show SpamSieve “Every Message”, or if the messages are marked as read on another computer or device so that Apple Mail thinks they aren’t new.

Thanks for looking at the log. My e-mail rule is set for “every message.” It also is set if “any” rather than the other option “all” of the following applies.

I’ve found that there are several messages to my identical e-mail address from the same spammer and some get caught and others don’t. Should I be looking at my e-mail provider for an answer on whether or not messages are marked as read? There is no other computer or device looking at messages that come into my inbox. I only use the iPhone copy of the messages in my inbasket for reading messages and delete copies from my primary computer running SpamSieve.

That sounds good.

Is your Mac showing the spam messages in the inbox marked as read?

I’m not sure what you mean by this. If you are seeing the messages on your iPhone, that certainly counts as a device. Are you saying that only the non-spam messages get marked as read on the iPhone?