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Move Good messages back to IMAP inbox in Entourage?

Hey all,

So I have Entourage 2008 set up to check my Gmail IMAP account. I’ve run the Change Settings script and told it to “move good messages back to the inbox”. Only trouble is it moves the good messages back to the inbox “On My Computer”, and I want it to move the messages back where they originally were - the Gmail IMAP mailbox. The same thing happens with my Hotmail accounts. Is there any way to tell SpamSieve to do this? It seemed to do this automatically when I was working with Apple Mail, but I would prefer to stick with Entourage.



This works with Apple Mail but not with Entourage, because Entourage does not support moving IMAP messages via AppleScript.

Gotcha. And the Hotmail accounts are IMAP as well … I see. Thanks Michael!

Yes, Hotmail and Exchange accounts are subject to the same limitations as IMAP ones.