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Multiple Filtering Criteria

Great program!

Is there a way you can filter my multiple criteria at once? Let’s say I want to display records in a given folder that contain three different tags, but I do not want to see records that only contain one or two of the selected tags.

Or, if I wanted to quickly filter items in my library so I only see items containing a certain tag that were created before a particular date.

I understand that I can create smart folders for this, but I am looking for a quick way to do it on the fly without creating anything permanent. It would however be great if after I filter using multiple criteria, I can quickly create a smart folder based on the current view.

Have you checked out Evernote? It is basically inferior to Eagle Filer in every way except for its filtering and smart folder creation. It has a very intuitive interface for narrowing down the contents of a given folder (or folders) by quickly applying multiple filtering criteria at once. It also lets you quickly save these criteria sets if you desire.

What do you think?

You could select the folder, set the search field menu to Tags, and then type the three tags into the search field (separated by spaces).

To search by date you would need to create a smart folder.


I agree that it would be useful to be able to do that sort of filtering. However, EagleFiler follows the standard OS X convention of using multiple source selections to mean OR (like in Mail). So if EagleFiler were to offer AND-filtering, it would probably be through a different interface.