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My SpamSieve Spam Training is gone

For some reason my SpamSieve Good email / Bad email training for SpamSeive is gone…how do I get it back? I tried re-installing the software…made no difference. Right now it’s not blocking anything…all emails are coming into my in box. Please help.

Did you observe this directly (e.g. in the Statistics window) or are you inferring that the training is gone (due to the lack of filtering)?

Normally there is a SpamSieve icon at the top of my computer where I could tell SpamSieve to train good or train bad…this icon or drop down is gone. SpamSieve still is on my tool bar at the bottom of my Mac, but not that top and the training option is gone.

OK, it sounds like the training data (which is what I thought you were talking about) is still there; it’s just the training menu commands that are gone. Which mail program are you using?