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Need to find email categorised as Spam by SpamSieve

Hi all,

Sometimes Spamsieve automatically categorizes emails from new senders as spam even though they are not.
I can see the message in the log, but cannot find the message in any junk or the Inbox SpamSieve.
Is it possible to recove messages deleted by SpamSieve?

I would very much appreciate some help with this.


SpamSieve doesn’t delete any messages. If it thought they were spam (the log says “Predicted: Spam”) the mail client should have moved them to the Spam/Junk mailbox (or wherever else you specified).

Which mail client and which version of macOS are you using? Are you accessing this mail account from multiple Macs or other devices?

Hi Michael,
Thank you for the quick reply.

I am using Apple Mail and Mac OS 10.15.6
I have checked in the junk folder, but none of the emails identified as Spam by Spamsieve appear there.
I am using only one Mac, but receive emails on IPhone and IPad as well.

I found it. My problem is solved.
Thanks again.

Great! What did the solution end up being?

In the beginning I only looked in the ‘Junk’ folder of my IMAP account and did not remember that I have set the rule that SpamSieve must move all spam emails into another spam folder on my Mac.
I double checked the rule, found the folder and the email I was looking for.

So, SpamSieve worked perfectly. Me, not so much:)