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Nested Tags, Tags and Folders

I am trying to work with tags in lieu of the smartfolders in other programs. It’s not the same, and EagleFiler’s procedures are slower if I get them) because I there is no opportunity to file and tag before copying a file into EagleFiler. Tags and folders cannot be tied to each other. They are separate filing systems. You can drag a file to a folder or tag - but not both at one time. Do I understand this correctly?

Trying to make tagging (especially multiple tags) more convenient, can folders and tags be tied together?

I also discovered that tags can be nested in the source pane. However, dragging a file to a nested tag only tags the file with the nested tag and not also the parent tag. I thought it might be useful to tag with both tags. It would make it easier and faster. What do you think?

Thank you again.


That’s right, although this will change.

Right. I can’t even imagine how one would drag to two places at once.

I don’t know what you mean by that. What are you trying to accomplish? Perhaps you could give a specific example.

There are already some other threads that discuss this issue.

Tagging and Folders

Thank you for your prompt reply, and I truly appreciate your work. I first became aware of your work some years back when I bought SpamSieve. Thank you for referring me to the other posts about parent and child tags. I better understand your logic now.

Regarding tying tags and folders together, I was thinking about the Journler smartfolder model which automatically “tags” a file with the parent and child smartfolder “comments” when a file is dragged or imported to the smartfolder.


I’ve added something like this in EagleFiler 1.4.