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New at this

I am trying to back-up my e-mails from entourage as I have to re-install my system and don’t want to loose all of my e-mails. I am using EagleFiler for the first time and am having trouble figuring out the e-mail back-up. I have dragged some test e-mails into a new folder that I created in EagleFiler and the e-mails appear with a blue dot next to them. However, I can’t seem to open any of the individual e-mails and also, it does not list who the e-mail is from (the From column is empty). I also dragged a word file into Eagle, and I can read that. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks in advance for your help. I’m sure I am missing something very obvious!

Dragging an individual e-mail from Entourage should work. It should show the From, and when you click on the e-mail it should display it, just like the Word file. (I just tested this with Entourage 2008.) If this is not the result that you’re seeing, I would need to see a screenshot of your window in order to have an idea of what’s going wrong.

That said, if you’re trying to import lots of messages, it’s usually better not to use drag and drop. Instead, select the messages in Entourage and press the capture key.