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New look Outlook and SpamSeive


I’ve just switched to New Look Outlook 365 for Mac (available from Insider Slow updates from Microsoft) and SpamSeive doesn’t seem able to move new emails out of the InboxSpamSeive folder.

I installed the latest SpamSeive beta to see if that made a difference, but it didn’t.



I’m not quite sure what’s been going on with my email, but it’s not SpamSeive that’s the problem. I’ve just discovered that New Look Outlook doesn’t yet support mail rules on Office 365 mail accounts, so there is no way that SpamSeive can work with it.

I’ve switch back to classic Outlook for the time being.

Sorry for the false alarm.


In my testing, SpamSieve is able to filter the InboxSpamSieve folder with New Outlook.

However, you are right that New Outlook has limited support for rules. Depending on the type of account, you may be able to make a server rule to move the new messages into the InboxSpamSieve folder.

Another option is that, as long as you don’t have lots of messages in your inbox, you can remove the InboxSpamSieve folder and SpamSieve will filter the inbox directly.

Hi Michael,

I’ve managed to set up a new rule on the server to send new messages to the InboxSpamSieve folder, which is working fine, however the mail is not then being transferred back to the Inbox or to the Junk Email folder.

Nothing appears to happen if I run the Train as Good or Train as Spam scripts from the script menu either. I’ve tried quiting and re-launching Outlook, SpamSieve and Outlook-Filter Mailboxes. Is there a particular order of launching that might have a better chance of success?


I just tested again, and it looks like Outlook’s AppleScript support is broken in version 16.41 when “New Look” is enabled. It erroneously reports to the training scripts that no messages are selected.

OK. I’ll switch back to classic now and wait for the next update from Microsoft before trying again.

Thanks for checking.

There’s a page here where users can request AppleScript support.

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