New Spam Filtering Drone Instructions for Apple Mail and Outlook

I’ve updated the instructions in the Setting Up a Spam Filtering Drone section of the manual. The Apple Mail instructions are much simpler than before, especially if you have multiple accounts. There are also instructions for setting up a drone with Microsoft Outlook 2011.

Where do I save Applescript and in what format?
Where do I save the APPLESCRIPT file and in what format (compiled?)


Compiled format is best. You can save it in any folder.

Help with editing the script

Hi I am a noob with Spamsieve and was wondering about editing the script in order to add an additional account. I see that I have to change the section where it says {Account 1, Account 2} by typing my account name over “{Account 1}”. I did this but now I am wondering was I supposed to change the second instance where it says “RETURN {Account 1}” a few lines down? Should I keep it as that or replace “Account 1” with my own account name? Thanks.

The return {“Account 1”} is the only part that you have to change. The lines beginning with “–” are comments to the user that are ignored by AppleScript.


Thank you for the explanation. The emails were also very helpful.