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New type of Spam

I am posting this to see if anyone has any idea of how to get Sieve to catch this stuff.

I am getting a new type of spam I have never seen before, they are masking the :from name to look and act as though it came from my own email server account.

For example if my email was Joe@smith.com they are sending me the spam from Joe@smith.com

If I try to mark it as spam, any emails that are ligit with my @ address also get spammed as well because Sieve does not realize that its only a mask.

Any ideas? Because I think they know its working, I seem to get more and more every day.

This is a common type of spam. It should be easy for SpamSieve to catch if you configure your address book properly and train the uncaught messages as spam.

If you tried it and that’s what happened, something probably isn’t setup properly. Please send in a report that includes your log file.

If you’re simply guessing about what would happen, please give it a try. It my experience, if you train SpamSieve with both good and spam messages from your address it will learn to tell the difference.

New Type of Spam
Yes, this is correct. I suddenly started getting Spam that is as described, i.e. someone using my email address to send me Spam from. When I read this and checked my own SpamSieve rules, they weren’t properly set up and having followed the instructions here, all is working perfectly again. A mystery is, given SpamSieve has been working perfectly for a year or so, how did the rules get unset? But, hey, life is full of mysteries and I am just glad things are fine again.