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New User: Is New Window Working?

EF 1.4.11 OS X 10.5.8

I select two records in the records list, and click “open in new window” from the View Menu. EF flashes a statement “No Selection” and just shows everything in the library. If this is not a bug, what am I doing wrong?


It should open two windows, each with one of the records selected in the list. This seems to be working for me. If it isn’t for you, please post a screenshot.

Thank you for your quick response, Michael. Open in New Window does indeed open a new browser window for each selection, but each record list shows all records in the library, with one of the original selections highlighted. Is this the expected behavior?

Aside: I am very impressed with EF’s smarts in importing from Journler.


Yes, that’s how it’s intended to work.

Thanks. The manual was a little unclear about what to expect.