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New User - Pages options

I have just downloaded EF and am starting to put my libraries together. I am really impressed and happy with the overall ease and friendliness of the program. I have some Pages docs that I want to use. Apparently I cannot import them directly. My options appear to be either a) make them PDFs and capture the PDFs into EF or b) open them with TextEdit and capture them into EF. The advantage with b) being that with the document fits better (and is a viewable size) in the EF viewer. Do I understand this correctly or am I overlooking something his? Is there anything else I can do to improve my import workflow? Are there any plans to support direct importation of Pages files in the near future? Thanks for any help.

EagleFiler’s capture key does not currently work in Pages, but you can indeed import Pages documents. Just drag and drop or use the Import File(s)… command. This is much better than (a) or (b) since it will preserve the Pages document in its native format, and you can double-click it in EagleFiler to open it in Pages.

EagleFiler 1.3 can capture from Pages, and it also adds Quick Look support so that it can preview Pages documents.