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Newbie Feature Question

Dear all

I am contemplating buying SpamSieve and wonder if it can only be used to filter spam.

What I would like to do is to train it to

  • filter spam
  • learn to recognise mailing lists and move them to a special folder or tag them by a specic label so that my mail client can move them
  • learn to recognise conference calls etc and tag them
  • etc.

It seems that the technology SpamSieve has for training should be enough to do all this instead of just spam filtering.

Is there any way to do this? Or any other product that can?

I hear only positive things about SpamSieve so I would love to use it.

Many thanks,

Automatically filtering multiple categories of messages is a feature I’m considering for a future version, but right now SpamSieve is only designed to separate spam messages from good ones. The good news is that recognizing spam is much harder than sorting other types of messages. So it should be straightforward to create some rules in your mail program to recognize mailing list messages (e.g. using the List-ID header) and move them to another mailbox. You could probably do this for the conference calls, too.

In Apple’s Mail.app, the user can configure rules to sort emails into specific mailboxes. Go to: Mail > Preferences > Rules
I’ve used this feature for years to sort (among others) mailing list emails.