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No message selected after 'Train as Spam'

When I hit the ‘Train as Spam’ keyboard shortcut in Apple Mail (3.2), the message is dutifully whisked off to the Spam folder, leaving no message selected in the current Mailbox.

It would be infinitely more usable if the next message in the mailbox were automatically selected, in the same way as happens when hitting Delete to move the message to the Trash.

Sorry, but I don’t think that’s possible due to the way Mail works.

Alternative approaches?
Several members have noted that the message focus is ‘lost’ after using the keyboard while on a selected message to “Train as SPAM” in Apple Mail. They all have requested that the next message be focused upon after training, to which the reply has been that Apple Mail does not support this programming interface.

Are there alternative approaches that could be encoded in SpamSieve that would allow for uses who want to ‘train as spam’ to not use the keyboard to return the focus to a suitable message? Suggestions include:

  • After “Train as SPAM”, move the focus to the topmost email record in the Inbox (instead of the potentially problematic ‘next’ one), or

  • Provide a ‘hot key’ sequence that allows the user to change the focus attention to the topmost email record in the Inbox (not an ideal solution, but it saves the user from having to use the mouse), or

  • Other approaches that resume the focus to a message in a message list (most suitably, the same folder from which ‘Train as Spam’ is selected, but possibly the Inbox).

Chuck Lamprey

It’s not the “next message” that’s the problem; it’s changing the selection and setting the focus. Probably the closest thing would be emulating the keyboard.