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"not so quick"-capture

When pressing the capture hotkey in Yojimbo, stuff isn’t added to the database direct. First, one get the opportunity to add name and such.

What about an alternative hotkey combination that would bring up the inspector before adding to EagleFiler’s database?


That’s on my to-do list. For now, it should be relatively easy to find the newly added item in the Recently Added smart folder, and make your changes to it there.

It is. But during the workday, I capture a lot of stuff and when I switch to EF it’s sometimes hard to remeber why I did. If I can add some kind of metadata at capture, without having to switch to EF, that would be great.


saving files directly into the hierarchy
I have a similar question. I’m not as interested in a keyboard shortcut, but I would like to save documents directly to a folder in the EF hierarchy. Basically I do not want to keep a duplicate directory tree for documents I am working on. I have basically a personal folder and a work folder and then multiple folders underneath each. When I am working on a document, I want to save it into the correct folder directly. Will EF index it sometime in the future, and is the DB alright with this?

I understand I could save to the import folder (desktop) and then go back and file it later. However, I do not want to have to go back and file later.

I still like having folders, becuase I forget what I have, and no, I don’t want to tag everything – thousands and thousands of documents. Any suggestions?



I don’t recommend doing that. It won’t damage the database, but files saved directly into a particular folder that EagleFiler is managing will be invisible to EagleFiler. You need to either import the file into EagleFiler or create it from within EagleFiler. There may be additional options with a future version of EagleFiler, but this is how it stands today.

Saving files directly to a folder
I too would love the ability to save a file to a specific folder in my EF library. I don’t want to do it manually, as that would mess up EF. I would like to drop it into the Drop Pad and have a the drop pad offer me a choice of which folder it should go in. (That’s just one way it might be done.) Another way would be that there would be several key combinations and i could define each combination to a folder within EF. (I am coming from SOHO notes which has several option for this.)

Is this possible?

Thank you,


This is not currently possible, but EagleFiler 1.3 will let you press an alternate key combination to choose which folder the file goes into. It will then remember this folder until you pick a different one, so that you can easily import a sequence of documents into the same folder.

With EagleFiler 1.3 you can press the Capture With Options key to set various metadata as well as the destination folder at the time of capture.