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Not working with Entourage 12.1 (2008)

I just installed the latest Office for Mac, and SpamSieve can not run it’s rule. Any thoughts?

What do you mean by that, exactly? It’s Entourage that runs the rule. Have you tried applying the rule manually using Message > Apply Rule > SpamSieve - Move If Spam?

More info…
I have been experiencing the same problem since 5 or 6 days ago. I can run all the rules manually, but if E’rage 2008 tries to automatically apply the rules it errors with:

"While processing message “Usse Viiagra annd havve supeer ereection” (ID 359533), the rule “SpamSieve - Move if Spam” could not be successfully executed. An unknown error (-1702) occurred.

The script could not be run."

That probably means that a script file is damaged. Please try choosing “Install Entourage Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu and let it replace the existing files.

Fixed it
Thanks, I reinstalled the "move: script and the trouble cleared. Odd that the script did not error when run manually. Oh well.

Not working with Entourage 2008 12.01
I have reinstalled SpamSieve twice and have used training, but even addresses I marked as spam show up the next day.

Help! SS works fine with Mail.

Leopard 10.2

If it works fine in Mail, the problem is likely with your Entourage rules or the mailing list manager. Please see this page.