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Nothing in the Spam folder!

I’ve been using SpamSieve for a couple of years, & like it a lot. I generally check the Spam folder once a day, just to make sure that everything in there is actually spam; there’s usually 10 to 20 messages in there, & I delete them manually. Works well for me.

On the weekend, I switched to a new MacBook, & everything seems to be fine, except that even though the SS dock icon indicates that there are 6 new messages (at this time), when I check, there is nothing. So I suspect that any incoming messages that get flagged by SS are getting deleted right away.

Is there any way to confirm/control this?


SpamSieve’s Dock icon indicates the number of new good messages. So there may or may not have been any new spam messages.

What happens to the incoming spam messages is determined by the way you setup the SpamSieve rule in your mail program. The instructions do not lead you to setup a rule that deletes the messages immediately, and I don’t even think it’s possible to make such a rule.

You can always see what SpamSieve has done by looking at the log.

In my experience, the SS dock icon has never indicated the number of good messages; that has always fallen to the Mail dock icon. Right now, the Mail icon is showing 1 new (unread) message (which I know to be the case), and th SS icon just flashed 3, when there are only 2 messages in the Spam folder, both of which have been read.

I checked the log, and found evidence of several messages which never showed up in either my Inbox or the Spam folder. One, which came in at 10:00 am, was flagged as Predicted: Good (27); 15 minutes later was flagged as Trained: Good (Auto); 15 minutes later was flagged as Predicted: Good (0), and since that time, at approximately 15 minute intervals, has been flagged with the same status. The last event was a couple of minutes ago (7:00 pm) but it has still not showed up in Mail.

Any ideas? Should I send you pertinent bits of the log?

All I can say is that it may have looked that way, but you’re mistaken on both counts. The SpamSieve Dock icon shows the number of good messages received from the server since the last time SpamSieve or Mail was brought to the front. You can look in the log to find the “Predicted: Good” entries that contributed to this number.

Mail’s Dock icon, depending on your preferences, shows either the number of unread messages in the inbox (regardless of how old) or the number of unread messages in all mailboxes (including spam).

This is a rather common problem caused by a bug in Mail. It has nothing to do with SpamSieve except that if SpamSieve weren’t running you would not have its log, and so you wouldn’t see any evidence of the problem. Anyway, the problem is that the message is “stuck” on your server, and Mail keeps downloading it and applying the rules to it, but it doesn’t display it, remove it from the server, or remember that it was already downloaded. If you can log into your mail server via Web mail and delete the message, that should prevent this from happening.

Ah - I didn’t realize that’s what it showed. Thanks.

I have logged into webmail, and deleted the message - thanks for your help!