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Occasionally Spamsieve doesn't move Spam to Spam Folder

I am running SpamSieve 2.9.5 and 10.8.2 with Mail 6.2
Every now and then a Spam message changes color by SpamSieve but isn’t moved to the Spam folder. I can move it by selecting it and saying “apply rules”
Any ideas?

Do you mean that it isn’t automatically moved when Mail receives it? Or that it doesn’t move when you train it as spam?

Also, please check for errors in Console.

Some messages, occasionally, aren’t automatically moved when Mail received them Spamsieve does change the color.
There is nothing unusual in Console.

I suggest checking SpamSieve’s log to make sure that it predicted the messages to be spam (i.e. they were not colored for some other reason).

Second, it might help to rebuild Mail’s database.