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# of pages

I have been noticing that the # column has the number of pages of a document. However there are a number of documents that don’t have a number.

Clicking on the document or opening the document doesn’t seem to refresh this column.

Can you explain how this column is suppose to work and or how to fix?



What kind of documents are they? It only shows the number of pages for PDFs, and the page count is calculated when the file is added to the library.

I have a large mix of files. I noticed that none of the html files, Word files, Excel files etc… are not being counted.

However I do have a bunch of PDF’s that are not being counted. But some are.

Now keep in mind that I recently create a new Library (encrypted) and moved all of my other libraries over to the new one.

I have also forced an Index rebuild.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the report. It looks like there’s a bug where the page count is not transferred when you drag and drop a PDF to another library.

EagleFiler 1.2.2 fixes the bug where page counts weren’t transferred when dragging and dropping between libraries. It also adds a feature where EagleFiler will refresh the page count when you view a PDF within EagleFiler.