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Organizing new content after the fact


I’m coming from Shovebox which has an Inbox where all new documents are getting saved. My workflow was collecting stuff for several days or even longer and then categorizing it into folders. So I did move the documents from the inbox to the respective folders. This way it was easy to see, which documents had to be sorted as they got moved out of the inbox.

In EagleFiler there is no such inbox. I can’t move my documents into their folders, they only get copied. So if I do it in several stages, next time I don’t know wich documents got sorted and which not, as they are not getting deleted from the “All Elements” folder.

Is there a way to tackle this problem?


EagleFiler’s inbox equivalent is called Unfiled. This shows all the files at the top level, e.g. the ones that are not filed into a folder. There is no copying; rather, Records shows all the files regardless of folder, just like Music in iTunes shows all your songs.

Perfect, thanx! :slight_smile: