Outlook 16.7 changes

Just installed the new free Outllook (you dont need to buy office for it any more) as I have to switch as Apple Mail has sync issues and Outlook is the only Mail supporting S/MIME and SpamSieve.

Now there is no more “new outlook switch” and the rule setup has no more differentiation between IMAP etc. The rule also has no “is folder”

Is setup eben possible? Do Scripts work? Help needed setting Spamsieve up.

Scripts do not seem to work at least if I try to train as spam by script nothing happens.
So this is the End of SpamSieve with outlook just when I need to use it?

It’s confusing because the Microsoft announcement does not say anything about the switch. However, my experience from trying it out is that:

  • With New Outlook enabled, there are still lots of missing features (rules, AppleScript, etc.).

  • Microsoft does say that AppleScript support is on the roadmap for this month:

  • The switch is still available via Terminal.

  • The old/fully featured version is not free. It will keep you in offline mode unless you activate with a Microsoft 365 subscription (or start a free one-month trial).

Question is also how long that switch will even work and exist. Seems they are letting it go.
Damn will have to go back to Apple mail but it doesnt synchronize back to outlook. I get the mails but the changes Spamsieve does are not on the Exchange server.

It should be synchronizing with Outlook. If Apple Mail and Outlook are showing the messages in different folders, something is very wrong. It may help to do a complete database rebuild or you may need to contact Apple.