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Outlook 2011

Love this program. Our entire university just moved to gmail and I have to get all my mail from Outlook 2011 onto gmail. I have gotten the program to capture the email from outlook but it marks it all as unread. Is there anyway to fix this?

EagleFiler retains the messages’ unread status when capturing from mail programs such as Outlook. If you don’t want the messages to be unread, you could mark them as read in Outlook before importing, or in EagleFile after importing. Regardless, this will not affect whether the messages are shown as unread when another program (e.g. Gmail) imports them from EagleFiler. It should be easy to change them all to read, though.

actually when I am looking at it in eaglefiler it is marking them all as unread. they were read in Outlook 2011 or at least some of them were but when I look at it in eaglefiler i am getting a unread tag

Are you importing by pressing the F1 key? Does this happen if you capture just a single read message at a time?

Yes I made a smart filter and captured through a broad range of folders by selecting all the messages and pressing F1, highlighting a folder in outlook 2011 brings back an error message that you havent highlted any messages yet.

Also on another note, is there a way to make the “capturing from Outlook” window stop popping up? It is popping up after every imported message

Which versions of Mac OS X and Outlook 2011 are you using?

It should only pop up after each group of messages. You can control it via the Growl pane in System Preferences.

was this supposed to be there before i went and downloaded it? It wasn’t

Growl is not bundled with SpamSieve. So if you were seeing the notifications you must have previously installed it. It’s not clear to me how you could have it installed without the pref pane unless you’re running a newer version that’s configured via a helper application.

Going back to the fundamentals, how do I export my outlook 2011 folders into mbox using eagle filer?

note: I have tons os sub-folders that I want to keep in there proper place so doing smart filters will put all my work in disarray.

Since EagleFiler natively stores mail in mbox format, it’s really just a question of getting the messages into EagleFiler. The Importing Mail From Outlook page has some info.

EagleFiler will preserve the mailbox names, but currently you would need to re-create the hierarchy.