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own email address treated as Spam

Since migrating to a new type of hosting account with the same supplier, when I send email addressed to myself from my webmail page, Entourage running Spamsieve picks it up as Spam and moves it to the Spam folder. I’ve tried training as good but this makes no difference. I have Entourage Spam protection off in deference to Spamsieve. If I email myself from anywhere else - eg my iphone - it treats it as good. and equally my iphone picks up mail sent from my webmail as good too. It’s only from the webmail to Entourage running Spamsieve. This is strange as all mail addressed to me pass through the webmail system en route. I’ve set up a new email box on the web with a different prefix - “admin” - and this gets through ok. Weird! Anyone any thoughts on this?

Not a major issue but I might want to forward post to myself when I’m away from my studio etc.

You’ve probably received spam messages from your own address in the past, and there’s probably something about the way these messages are sent that resembles spam you’ve received.

Your first step should be to use the Open Log command to confirm that SpamSieve thinks these messages are spam and see why it thinks they are.

(If you want to force all the messages from your address to be classified as good, make sure the address is in your Mac OS X address book and uncheck Exclude my addresses.)

Thanks Michael

The log said the mail was NOT spam but I had completely forgotten I’d set up an Entourage rule ages ago to deal with SPAM purporting to be from my address, to junk mail that didn’t have Microsoft Entourage in the header. Of course the moment I saw this I knew that this must be the issue and sure enough now I’ve unchecked this mail is no longer treated as junk. Thanks very much for your help and hope I haven’t wasted you time!