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Ownership & library syncs

I use ChronoSync to sync libraries to my Macbook from my iMac. I find that the .eflibrary retains the ownership information of the iMac and hence that EagleFiler will not open it immediately. At first I though that the ‘cure’ was to change ownership of the library file but found that it is a package and had to do so for its contents. Is there a way to ‘automate’ this as sometimes I’ve found myself in front of people on the road with a library that EagleFiler won’t touch - sometimes panic threatens.

I suggest that you check your ChronoSync preferences (or use different syncing software) to make sure that your files are copied with the desired ownership. I know that there are ways to sync so that files owned by user “Charleswj” on one Mac are owned by “Charleswj” on the other Mac, even if the Unix user numbers are different.

I appreciate that here may not be the right place to explore this issue but would like to go a bit further.

To start with, my owner names on the two computers are different. When I sync an EagleFiler folder from my iMac, the owner of the individual files changes to the ‘correct’ MacBook user. The eflibrary file/package however retains the originating iMac ownership which means the the MacBook’s EagleFiler refuses to open it until I have changed its ownership manually. I find this a bit odd if not frustrating. I wonder why some files change ownership without fuss while EagleFiler’s own does not. Something I have to earn to live with perhaps?

The package is a folder, not a file. Do the other folders have the proper ownership? This sounds like an issue with your syncing software.

Apologies for the delay. I’ve cleared the problem up. When syncing with ChronoSync with its ‘partner’ ChronoAgent, it is possible to map the file ownerships (a feature is very poorly documented). Once that is done syncing EagleFiler libraries etc. proceeds without hitch.