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PDF Merge or Stacking Feature

I am in the process of trying to convert from a PC to a Mac as my main home office machine and would be switching from PaperPort v11 for Windows to EF.

So far I’ve found many of the EF features very interesting however I am struggling to find a comparable feature to PaperPort’s “Stack” feature. This lets you select two or more PDF files and merge them (stack in their terminology) together with one click - never leaving the PaperPort application or having to open Acrobat or other PDF tool. This is an incredible time-saving feature. Ex: you can have one PDF for “Bank Statements 2008” and as you receive monthly statements you scan the new month and simply “stack” it into the 2008 PDF.

I’ve found numerous PDF tools that offer merge features (plus several widgets), however they all require running the additional app and working with both files. It would be much simpler if EF allowed you to merge/stack one/multiple PDFs into another PDF. It would be a killer feature.

If I’m simply missing it as I’ve been doing my evaluation please, PLEASE let me know - either way it looks like I’ll be buying EF but this would significantly speed up my adoption.


EagleFiler does not have a stacks feature. My understanding is that PaperPort’s stacks don’t actually give you one PDF file for the stack. The individual files are all there (and can be unstacked), but they’re hidden. So a stack is like a folder whose icon is a preview of the top item in the stack. I do agree that EagleFiler could and should provide more options to help you organize and group files, although much of this can currently be done manually using folders.

PaperPort Stacking
PaperPort does perform a true merge of the PDFs. The resulting PDF can be copied/moved, emailed, etc. with no smoke & mirrors required. The beauty of their stack feature is that file you right-click on is the one considered to be the master so all other files are appended at the bottom of the master. This allows you to easily keep pages in chronological order.

I was experimenting with Automator last night and have it where it will merge two PDFs but the problem is that it creates a third output file of the merged docs vs. “stacking” one on top of another leaving only the existing master behind.

OK, thanks for the info. I guess it’s changed since the last time I used it (which was a long time ago).

I would lead toward merging the PDFs by the dates of the files, which is what EagleFiler does when it merges mailboxes. The idea is still to keep the pages chronological, but it’s a bit more predictable than going by which one you clicked on, especially since you might have used the keyboard to make the selection.

Yes, it would be much better to have the merging built into EagleFiler. Plus, that way it could preserve any tags or notes that you’d assigned.