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Phrase Search and Locating

Doing a search in 1.4.3 (Anywhere checked, Match Partial Words not checked). When I do an Edit : Find : Library Search… for a phrase (multiple words within quotes), EagleFiler does find the correct file(s) - RTF in my case. However, single occurrences of any the words in the phrase are also highlighted in that file (in addition to the phrase). Is there a way for search to just highlight the found phrase(s)?

Second question: is there a way to “go to” the first (or next) highlighted found item within a file (RTF in my case)? “Jump to Selection” only goes to a selection that I’ve physically made if it’s scrolled off the window.

The only way I’ve been able to do all of this is with a muli-step process. First I do an Edit : Find : Library Search… phrase search within quotes (Anywhere checked). EagleFiler finds the file(s). Then, I select a one of the files, and I must then click at the top of the file (as if I was going to add text at the beginning). I then do a Command-F (Edit : Find : Find…), enter the phrase again because the Find dialog box doesn’t have the current find (BTW, no quotes are needed), and click next. I wish the Find dialog box would take the find info from the Library Search entry. This then takes me to the desired phrase, and also bypasses all the highlighted occurrences of the separate words of the phrase. Subsequent Command-G entries take me to the next occurrence (Edit : Find : Find Next).

Thanks very much.

Word vs. Phrase Indexing
In further searching of the forum, I found that EagleFiler does word indexing, rather than phrase indexing. I guess this is because of the additional overhead of keeping track of all the words and “where” they occur. So, that’s why all the words from a phrase search are highlighted and not just the phrase.

I still wonder after the search (single word or phrase) if it’s possible to jump to the next found word with a keystroke, without going into the Find dialog box.

Thanks again.

Not currently.

Doing a library search should put your query in the Find panel, so you should be able to click in the viewer pane and then press Command-G (Find Again). If the highlighted match and the typed query differ, you would need to open the Find panel to edit the query first.

This should be happening already. Does it work if you quit EagleFiler and then re-launch it? Does it work in PDF or Web views (those use EagleFiler’s Find panel, whereas the text/RTF view uses the system Find panel)?

Where did you read that? It’s not true. EagleFiler does phrase indexing by default, although you can set it to do word indexing to make it faster and reduce the size of the index.

The indexing and the highlighter are completely separate. The highlighter simply doesn’t know how to look for phrase matches yet.

When I do the “first” Library Search after launching EagleFiler, the find text is put into the FInd Panel. However, with any different subsequent Library Searches while still running EagleFiler, the find text in the Find Panel is not updated with the new find text from the Library Search. OS X 10.5.6 and EF 1.4.3.

If the first search after launching EagleFiler is a phrase search (text within quotes), the text and the quotes are put into the Find Panel. And clicking Next button in the Find Panel does not find the desired text because there are quotes around the text in the Find Panel and the find is trying to find the text and the quotes.

On the matter of word or phrase indexing, I found a post on the forum from 5/30/07 by you titled “Word vs Phrase Index” that may now be out of date (and I might have miss-interpreted it - anyway, it said the following:
Word indexing is much faster and produces indexes files that use less disk space, however to search for phrases you’ll need to use phrase indexing. (You can still search for multiple words with word indexing, but EagleFiler will find all the documents that contain all those words, even if the words are not near each other in the document.) The reason phrase indexing is so slow is that the index needs to keep track of where each occurrence of each word appears in each document, rather than just which documents contain which words.

The Library Search text is not put into the Find Panel for RTF files - and as you say, that is the system Find Panel.

It looks like there’s a bug in Mac OS X where the system Find panel doesn’t update unless you first switch to another application. I will try to work around this in a future version of EagleFiler.

I believe the EagleFiler Find panel (in Web and PDF views) works correctly. Please let me know if that’s not what you’re seeing.

I have a feature request logged to have EagleFiler remove the quotes before setting the Find panel text.

That was a statement about the merits of using word indexing. However, EagleFiler has always used phrase indexing unless you specifically tell it to use word indexing instead.

Thanks so much for you help and insight - Your timely and knowledgeable support gives me a lot of confidence to use EagleFiler for very important data.

EagleFiler 1.4.4 addresses various issues with synchronizing the Search field with the Find panel and highlighting phrases.