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Positive Spam not in Junkfolder?

Hi Michael,

I am back :o)

After my previous ordeals I have found a new issue :o(

I assume when SpamSieve sees a message as a positive Spam message then the message is moved to the folder specified in the rule SpamSieve - Move Messages.
In my case the Junk Folder On My Computer, but strangely no Spam messages is moved, or rather no message appears there any more. A few weeks ago, I had everyday different Spam messages tree, but no longer and there are not any in any of the IMAP inboxes or in any of the IMAP Spam folders.
On my server I have disabled the junk filters to be sure its not the server who blocks.

I am going crazy?

Cheers Steen

That’s right.

You can check SpamSieve’s log to see whether it’s processed any spam messages lately. It’s possible that it’s filtering the messages but that, due to a problem with Outlook’s database, you aren’t seeing them.

Another possibility is that some other Outlook rule (in the Mailing List Manager window or in the Rules window) is doing something with the messages.

If you’ve disabled the junk filter on your mail server, I don’t know why spam wouldn’t be going into Outlook. There are, however, some mail hosts that still block some messages even when you’ve “turned off” their filter.

I will go over the log again to see.
As in my previous messages I have checked and rechecked the outlook DB and rebuild it twice.

As said in this message and in the two other messages I posted here I have no other rules in my outlook, the only two rules are the SpamSieve ones.

When I had problems with the duplicated messages I changed provider now I am using one of the in the manual mentioned providers DreamHost where I understood one had a better control over the Spam filtering than I had with my previous provider, but you might be right.


OK, let me know.

I use DreamHost myself, and I think they do let all the mail through if you turn off server filtering.

I suppose another possibility is that spam isn’t actually being sent to you. (Too good to be true?)