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possible bug ?

Apple Mail 3.3
SS 2.71
OS X 10.5.3

Dock icon hidden using “Dockless.”

Select "Message / Spam Sieve - Open Window / Log

Error message:

Open Dictionary

Unable to read the dictionary of the application or extension because it is not scriptable.

Click on “OK” :

The document “SpamSieve Log.log” could not be opened. Script Editor cannot open files in the “Log File” format.

It sounds like your system is misconfigured such that it’s trying to open text (log) files with Script Editor. It might be possible to correct this by selecting the file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Logs/SpamSieve/SpamSieve Log.log

in the Finder, choosing Get Info, selecting TextEdit (or another text editor) from the Open With pop-up menu, and then clicking Change All.

…it is launching Script Editor in an attempt to try and read the Log file.

I have done as you suggested and am still getting the same error messages - have changed to open with Console and Textedit - same errors in both cases.

Any thoughts ? Not a major problem, but strange…


It might help to download and install TextWrangler. If that’s available (and no other editor is chosen) SpamSieve will try to use it to open the log.

Otherwise, if it can’t find one of its preferred editors, SpamSieve asks the OS to open it using the default editor for text files. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to edit this directly if it isn’t set appropriately (so it’s kind of a mystery how yours got changed in the first place). You might have to reset the Launch Services database.

I installed Textwrangler, and the Log file now opens in TW…Many thanks for your help !


As of SpamSieve 2.7.2, the TextWrangler workaround is no longer necessary.