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Possible to use on NNTP?

Due to the wonders of google groups, there is a lot more spam on usenet than there used to be.

Is there some way of forcing the content of an nntp stream (in this case I am using macsoup which can pipe messages) through spamsieve? Or maybe just the messages that come from google groups?

I know this is hardly its designed job, but it is so good at spam!

If you have a news client that’s sufficiently AppleScriptable, it should be pretty easy to filter the messages through SpamSieve. You could use the Show Other Scripts command in the SpamSieve menu to see some sample AppleScripts for how to train and filter messages with SpamSieve.

Thoughts on Spam filtration for Panic Unison?
Long-time user of SpamSieve, recent user of Panic’s Unison Usenet client for OSX. Wondering about using SpamSieve as a filter.

Unison’s not hugely Applescript-able, but its data is stored in SQLite databases. Perhaps some UI scripting would get the rudiments of an interaction going.

My primary question is this: Unison only downloads header information (subject, from, path, etc.), so how effective will SpamSieve’s Bayesian process be on a reduced set of information?

Best wishes, Charles

It will work, but it won’t be quite as accurate.