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Power Nap problems

“Made various updates to the manual for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, for example clarifying that SpamSieve works (via Apple Mail) during a Power Nap.”

Am I missing something? Filtering does not work in power nap. (2.9.5) I have my MB Air set to require a password to come out of sleep mode. Could that be it? I was hoping it would filter my mail so when I’m on the road my iPhone doesn’t get spammed to death!

SpamSieve works great otherwise, worthy of all it’s awards.

Please describe more specifically what the problem is—that is, what were you expecting to happen and what happened instead. It may help to read Apple’s description of Power Nap so that you know whether your Mac is supported and what Power Nap is supposed to do.

Power Nap works fine regardless of whether you have a password set. The Mac partially wakes up when it needs to check for mail, but the screen remains off (and locked).

Indeed, that’s one thing that Power Nap can help with.

THANKS for your attention to this matter.

I have a late 2012 MB Air, Mountain Lion, 10.8.2, power nap is enabled in system prefs, using Mail app, filtering works fine as long as I don’t close the lid.

I have login required with password enabled to awake from sleep in security settings.

I see that it it SHOULD WORK… but no. The spam gets through to my iPhone when I’m on the road?

Where is your Mac during this time? Is it near a Wi-Fi network? Is it plugged into AC power? Please note that there are separate Power Nap settings for Battery and Power Adapter.

When a new e-mail arrives, Mail will receive it and apply the rules (including SpamSieve) the next time the Mac wakes from its Power Nap. This happens once per hour.

Well the mac is usually plugged in and at home on my WiFi.

BUT: GONG! if it only checks mail every hour then that might be it. I get a lot of spams per hour… my email address has been used since like 1995 and has gathered spam similar to a snowball rolling down a mountain for that long.

Then Mail app only pings server every hour? Sure about that?

Yes, Apple’s Power Nap page says:

Mail and Notes (if running); Contacts, Calendar, Reminders, Photo Stream, Find My Mac, and iCloud Documents are checked every hour.

And that’s how it seemed to work in my testing.

Problew/mystery “solved”

Thanks again.