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Problem capturing mail with options

Hi guys. I’m trying to capture emails while holding down the option key, in order to bring up the capture dialog and enter tags etc. Unfortunately, none of the things I enter in this dialog are actually making it into the library. If I enter a new title, the file is displayed in the library with its original title. If I enter tags, they fail to appear in the library. If, however, I try capture, say, a PDF from the desktop in the same way, I can enter a new title and new tags with no problems. Am I missing something here? Your help much appreciated. NB: I’m running EF 1.5.2 and Mail.app 2.1.3 on OS 10.4.11

The options specified in the Capture With Options dialog apply to the top-level item that you are capturing. For a PDF file this is the PDF file; for a folder with files inside it’s the folder. In your case, you are capturing a mailbox of messages, so the metadata is applied to the mailbox. To assign notes and tags to individual messages in Mail, you could do this before capturing (using MailTags) or after capturing (using EagleFiler).

Thanks Michael…
…lightning response as ever.