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Problem with Tags

I’m having a problem with tags in EF 1.1.1. Here’s the scenario:

  1. I was in NetNewsWire viewing an article and clicked F1.

  2. I switched to EF and saw that it had created a web archive of the page I had been viewing in NetNewsWire.

  3. I opened the inspector, clicked the tags field, and tagged the item with two tags

  4. Closed the inspector and switched to a different object in EF.

  5. Opened the Tags folder in the Source list, clicked on one of my new tags and didn’t see anything listed.

  6. Went back to newly created web archive, opened the inspector and it showed that the archive had no tags associated with it!

I have since tried several times to associate tags with this item and they refuse to stick.

Am I doing something wrong?


Sorry, it’s a bug. As a workaround, you can “commit” your changes in the inspector before closing it by pressing Tab or Return. Or simply assign the tags using the bar at the bottom of the browser window.

That works, but…

Thanks, I can confirm that using the bar at the bottom of the browser window to add tags to the record made the tags “stick”. I noticed however that in the browser window that displays the records, the first column is labelled “Tags” and this column appears blank regardless of whether a record has tags assigned or not.

Are tags supposed to be displayed in this field after they have been assigned to a particular record?

Just checking,


The Tags column is for showing the abbreviations (settable in the Tags inspector) of the assigned tags. If your tags don’t have abbreviations, then the Tags column can appear blank even though some tags are assigned.

Got it.

Okay, got it. Thanks for responding so rapidly to all of my questions. I appreciate it and I intend to become a registered user of EagleFiler shortly… MacSanta is too tempting to resist! :slight_smile:


Fortunately there are a few more days to resist that temptation before making a decision. I’m barely recovered from some emotional turmoil about the controversial MacHeist, which I semi-reluctantly bought into during the final hour with my innocent wife purchasing it for me as an early Christmas gift. :slight_smile:

Luckily, it LOOKS to me like MacSanta’s a lot less controversial. Do a sale, get some publicity. Rite?


And, as a result, it looks like a ton of developers are jumping on the MacSanta bandwagon! :slight_smile: Good for them and for customers!

I believe this bug (regression, actually) of tags sometimes not sticking when assigned using the Info inspector is fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.2.