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problem with upgrade

I was a happy user of SpamSieve with my old iBook G3 running 10.4. I just got a new MacBook with 10.5.4, and I used Migration Assistant to transfer all the programs and files to the new MacBook.

Now Mail does not work with SpamSieve. Mail does not automatically load SpamSieve. When I do run SpamSieve before retrieving mail, it causes Mail to crash, and all new mail goes into the In box, and none into the Spam folder.
I tried downloading SpamSieve again and re-installing it, but Mail still crashes.
Any suggestions?

Are you saying that SpamSieve doesn’t launch when Mail launches? That can be normal. Or that you don’t see the SpamSieve commands in the Message menu?

What are you doing to “run SpamSieve”?

How do you know SpamSieve is causing the crash? Please include the most recent Mail crash log from the folder:


Is that any different from when you don’t “run SpamSieve”?

My guess is that you have some other Mail plug-in that’s incompatible with Mac OS X 10.5. Please check the folders:


Are there any .mailbundle files there besides SpamSieve? If so, please try moving them to your desktop and then re-launching Mail.

Mail still crashing
Mail still crashes when I retrieve mail containing spam.
I was incorrect, it does load SpamSieve. I see the train options under the message menu.
I have no other Mail plug-ins.

When I open the SpamSieve log, it shows that it ran and identified one message as spam.

The Mail crash log is attached. {deleted}
I am open to your next suggestion.

It looks like the crash was caused by Mail’s junk filter. Please quit Mail and rename the file:


to “LSMMap2 Old”.

thank you
Your fix worked!