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Problems: SpamSieve 2.9.5, Outlook 2011 (14.2.4), Mountain Lion 10.8.2 - Slowing Down


First of all - I have installed all updates and newest versions of all products and had no problems at all before upgrading to Mountain Lion.
I have recreated ALL rules/functions to find junk mail with SpamSieve several times.
Junk mail detection in Outlook is disabled.

Now the problem:
Sometimes while I receive a new message to Outlook, I can’t use Outlook anymore for about 5 min. and SpamSieve shows a white dot next to the dock icon.
After the dot disappears, everything is working as expected again.

Disabling SpamSieve is a workaround, but I don’t want to do that!!!

Is this a WhiteList problem??? please help!

btw. I have written this post already this morning, but it got never been released here…


Please see Sending in a “Sample” Report so we can figure out what’s causing this.

Posts from new forum users are moderated in order to prevent spam. Then I saw that you made this updated post, so I deleted the first one as a duplicate.

Hi Michael!

I made a Sample Report - see attached zip file.

I’ve made 4 Log files while it was running with my problem and one in a normal state…

If you need more infos… :wink:

Thanks for helping!


SpamSieve Problem Log.zip (80.2 KB)

The problem seems to be caused by Mac OS X’s address book. It is taking a very long time to access the images that are associated with your contacts. (SpamSieve uses these images in Growl notifications). You can probably avoid this by telling SpamSieve not to try to load address book images. To do that, just click this link. Or, to go back to loading the images, click this link. A more long-term solution would be to rebuild your Contacts database. If you’re using iCloud, this is pretty easy. You can quit Contacts, create a ZIP archive of the folder:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/AddressBook/

(as a backup) and then delete the folder. Then open Contacts again and configure it to use your iCloud account, and it will download all the information into a new database.


I have rebuilt my database of contacts, but this was not a solution.
I use icloud for syncing my contacts, so I rebuilt my icloud database…

Why do I need contact images for SpamSieve??


How did you do that?

As I said, this is for Growl notifications. If you’ve enabled the option to receive a notification when someone in your address book sends you a message, SpamSieve will use that person’s image as the icon for the notification.

[QUOTE=Michael Tsai;14111]How did you do that?

That’s a very good question !

I’ve found this link:


look to the middle of the page “iCloud…”
but do a backup of your contact list first!!

btw. disabling the “image-growl-feature” solves my problem!! :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, none of the suggestions on that page actually get you a fresh database. So I still suggest removing the whole AddressBook folder.