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Problems with "Copy tags to Spotlight comments"

Hi guys,

I’m having trouble getting EF to copy tags to Spotlight comments even though the relevant option is checked in preferences. The manual mentions that tags are copied to Spotlight comments “when a library is opened and periodically thereafter”, but my experience is that they are copied only very irregularly or not at all. How often should the copy happen usually?

I can force EF to copy tags to Spotlight comments using the Backup Metadata command, but this sometimes causes another problem: it will overwrite any tags added to that file by other applications, unless EF has already detected those tags. I know I could avoid this problem by running the “Tags from Spotlight comments” script first, but what would be more useful to me is a script that detects and merges all relevant tags simultaneously – a kind of “refresh tags” option. Does such a thing exist?


EagleFiler will try to do it every two hours, but other operations (such as imports) can take precedence.

No. It’s not possible to write such a script, because how would it know which set of tags was more recent?

OK, thanks
How about a “merge” script that simply took both sets of tags from both places and combined them for both?

In other words, assume that no tags were renamed or removed?

I see your point…
…think I’ve found a workaround in any case. Thanks Michael.