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problems with importing URLs

Recently ( I think since upgrading to version 1.5) I have had problems with importing some URLs into EagleFiler. Specifically, URLs that contain the colon character ( : ) in the title. The error shown is

[OSError: error 2 (No such file or directory) for file: /Volumes/_files/Files/kategories/computer-system/Mac OS X/ How to change user short name or home directory name.pdf]

The title of the web page I am trying to add in this case, is “Mac OS X: How to change user short name or home directory name” (from http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1428).

EagleFiler is substituting the colon character for a slash. I know that the colon is used in path referencing on OSX but since the slash character is also used in path referencing, the result becomes problematic. The result from trying to import are slightly different. Sometimes EagleFiler manages to create a document but it is empty (zero bytes), but most of the time no record is created at all.

I am working around it for now by printing my pages and sending the PDF directly to EagleFiler from the print dialog, but I really like EagleFiler’s webPDF feature with saving the source URL and keeping the links clickable. May I suggest replacing the colon ( : ) with a hyphen ( - ) instead? You could even use the long hyphen ( — ) to make a clear difference from a “normal” short one.

I just want to finish with thanking you for a great application. I end up using it more and more in my daily life. In conjunction with applescripts and LaunchBar, it really makes managing all the digital information in my life so much easier.

I’ve tried importing that page as a PDF and a Web archive, and in both cases it worked without error. Could you tell me how you’re initiating the import and which version of Mac OS X you’re using?

That’s interesting. I am on a MacBookPro intel using Leopard 10.5.8 and EagleFiler 1.5.1.

I am importing using the “Capture with options” hotkey. Normally I am on Firefox 3.5, but I tried to import from Safari and I get the same error there so I don’t think it has to do with Firefox. I get the same result if I use the Firefox bookmarklet to import. And also if I capture the URL via a launchbar applescript.

I have my import setting set to the single page PDF setting. Now I tried different settings and both webarchive and rtfd actually work, while PDF and PDF (single) both generate errors.

FWIW, the library is an encrypted library, if it matters.

It looks like this problem only occurs on Mac OS X 10.5 because there EagleFiler is using a different method of reading the filename. (In Carbon filenames, all the colons and slashes are swapped compared with Unix.) Please contact me via e-mail for a build that fixes this.

OS X 10.5.8, PB G4.

I’m having no trouble importing that URL with the “Archive in EagleFiler” in FireFox 3.6.13 or in Safari 5.0.3

What filename are you ending up with?

With both Safari and Firefox the filename is:
“Mac OS X- How to change user short name or home directory name.webarchive”

I think the problem only occurs when importing URLs in PDF format.

Quite right-that fails. I apologize for not reading the details of the other posts.

it also fails when importing files. i am evaluating alternatives to the current system i use, and dumped a set of notes out from SOHOnotes to import into eaglefiler. the only ones that failed to import are the ones that have a “/” in the title which becomes the filename.

i am running 10.5.8 – i renamed the offending notes to no longer have a slash, and i am about to upgrade to 10.6 anyway, so it’s no biggie – just letting you know.

i’m liking eaglefiler a lot, now that i’ve made my peace with “hierarchical tags” not actually working the way i am used to.

Yes, I have this fixed for the next version. If you need a pre-release build now, please e-mail.

This regression is fixed in EagleFiler 1.5.2.