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query on SpamSieve surveying store emails (by newbie)

I’m evaluating SpamSieve on a Mac Pro running OS 10.10.1 and set it up today per user manual for Apple Mail. It seems to be working but has gone to my stored emails on my Mac and is evaluating all 50,000 stored emails. It has already moved over 2,000 to the Spam box. Is there a way to tell SpamSieve to just assess my Inbox?

How do I get the 2000 emails back to the correct “On My Mac” mailbox?


By default, SpamSieve only filters new messages in the inbox. If it’s going through old messages, that means that you either:

  1. Selected the messages and chose Message > Apply Rules, in which case Mail will apply all your rules, including SpamSieve; or
  2. Edited a rule, then Mail asked if you wanted it to apply all the rules to the current mailbox, and you clicked Apply.

You should train them as good. Once the messages are back in the inbox, if you have rules for auto-sorting them, you could select the messages and choose Message > Apply Rules.