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Question about Entourage script bloating...

We have been happy SpamSieve users for several years now, but recently our copies of Entourage (11.2.x) have been hanging mysteriously for somtimes 10 minutes at a time. The problem is the Database Daemon stops responding.

The daemon (and Entourage) usually comes back, and sometimes comes back instantly if I quit SpamSieve.

Is the script bloating you identified as a problem and fixed in version 2.4.4 a potential contributor to the hang? My scripts before I updated them to the version supplied with v2.4.4 were:

SpamSieve - Move If Spam\cmM 8.5MB
SpamSieve - Train Good\cmG 1.7MB
SpamSieve - Train Spam\cmS 2.4MB

I have spent hours searching the Net for anything that might help solve the Entourage hang problem and I would venture a bet that many users experinecing this issue may be SpamSieve users.

Could you shed any more light on this topic?


I’m not aware of any hanging problems caused by the script bloat. In my experience, the bloat is either a harmless waste of disk space, or else it simply causes the scripts to not work. If installing fresh copies of the SpamSieve scripts doesn’t make the problem go away, then I don’t see how the bloating could be related to the hanging.

As to the hangs themselves, have you tried rebuilding your Entourage database (hold the Option key at launch)?

You could also use the Activity Monitor program to “sample” the Database Daemon, Entourage, and/or SpamSieve during the hang. That might shed some light on where it’s getting stuck.

Same problem
I am experiencing this same problem. SpamSieve worked wonderfully on my G4 Powerbook, which unfortunately died a premature death recently. I replaced it with an Intel Dual 1.83 iMac, and ever since then, I’ve had this problem. When Entrourage locks up, I pull up the force quit window and it shows SpamSieve as Not Responding. I then have to force quit SpamSieve and Entourage goes back to normal. I am also experiencing similar issues with iChat and a few other programs, which leads me to believe that this is a Universal/Intel problem rather than a bloated script.

Kiwi, it would be helpful if you could open the Activity Monitor program and select SpamSieve in the list. When Entourage hangs, choose Sample Process from the View menu. Then save the resulting data to a file and send it to me. Likewise, sample Entourage during the hang and send that file to spamsieve@c-command.com. Perhaps this will provide some clues about what’s going on, though I agree that if iChat and other applications are also hanging there may be a more generalized problem.

Same problem
I also have the same problem with Entourage. I’ve never connected it to SpamSieve but I’ll certainly run some tests the next time it hangs. It is not related to Intel issues as I am running on a 2 year old G4 laptop.

I’ve read other posts online that suggest rebuilding the database, which didn’t work for me.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I’m about ready to ditch Entourage and try Apple Mail instead.


Same problem
What can I say…the same problem of Entourage hanging for long periods of time. Didn’t used to happen. Am not on an Intel Mac and am up to date with SpamSieve and Entourage. It’s driving me crazy…would switch to Thunderbird if it had better controls over deleting off the POP server.

same problem
had exactly the same problem with the version prior to current release and was unable to solve it so just live with it.

it is a complete pain (and still exists in new version). I collect 9 pop3 accounts into 1 inbox and have 2 minute intervals between send/receive schedule. Have altered this to 5 mins and 10 mins (as recommended by michael) but this didnt solve.

The hang lasts anything from 30seconds to … well i wasnt patient enough to find out but is over 10 mins at least. Have watched activity monitor and entourage has upto 63% cpu and drops down to under 1%, spamsieve also minimal on cpu usage the machine is just hanging there and it also adds a time lag to anything else you are trying to do on the machine at the same time.

The only way i have found of getting things working again which can take upto 20mins by the time you’ve done everything is relaunch system, and disable send/receive schedule - then collect each account in turn. Occassionaly you will hit an account that hangs and it’s then forcequit and try that account again. Complete PITA. Then check in each account settings and download all messges for this account to ensure nothing is stuck. Empty the junk, delete the trash and (not sure if this helps but i do it) move everything out of inbox and into archive folders or a folder within inbox. Everything is then empty. Quit entourage, relaunch, reactivate schedules and it all seems to work again (for about 2 weeks) without hiccup. Hardly a fix but this is what I have to do to get things working again.

I did however find that the corpus was also getting too big the other day and this was causing a very similar slowdown - could be related.

Finally, and I have only discovered this since using my workaround above. If you force quit spamsieve (which sometimes releases the hang too!!) and then relaunch it, it isnt actually active despite being open in the dock i.e. after force quit spamsieve you must restart machine for it to actually be active.

well hope this sheds some light I am coming up to my two week limit and am starting to notice a slowdown with send/receive - process so guess its coming up to fix time again.

sorry this is not technical but it works for me!!