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Question about transferring to a new machine...

I’m attempting to transfer to a new machine…I read this thread…but I still have a question.

Do I need to download Spamsieve to my new machine? I transferred the files to my new machine and put the file in my applications folder, but when I click on the icon it does not “activate” for lack of a better word. It does not bring up a SpamSieve menu.

I’m fairly new to Mac and am learning new stuff everyday…but there are still things that I’m missing that seem common knowledge to everyone else. Do you have thoughts for me?

You can either copy it or download it again.

You need to double-click the SpamSieve icon in your Applications folder. Then it should appear in your Dock (with a light next to it), and it should say “SpamSieve” at the top of the screen next to the Apple menu.

I double clicked the icon in applications and it doesn’t do anything…

I did a fresh download and it worked…thank you for your quick reply!