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Question re. optimal setup for drone based spam filtering

Like many others, I have a desktop system and laptop for use on the move. The iMac is left on 24/7 and has a permanent broadband connection.

I have the iMac configured as a drone as per MacMercs instructions and everything appears to be working - I can remotely manage any errant spam using laptop and/or iPhone when away from the iMac. Result: nicely filtered email when away from the main desktop machine.

Question: MacMerc suggests using an old, spare Mac to be the drone and carry on using main desktop machine / laptop etc. Is there any reason my system (using the main desktop machine as the drone) might cause me a problem ?

As I said, everything seems to be working fine, but I wondered if there was a technical reason why this might be a bad idea.

No, there should be no problem using your main (desktop) Mac as a drone.