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  1. Can you add a shortcut to enter the record list from the tag bar?
  2. How can tags be deleted from the tag suggestion list?
  3. Would it make sense to have the Journler capture copy the tags to all associated resource records, not only the rtf?
  4. Any plans to add an auto-correcting spelling feature? I highly valued that in Journler.

[Nice work; bought a family pack; progressing smoothly in transition from Journler]

You can do this with Tab-Tab-Tab.

You can delete tags from the source list or the Tags inspector.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll add that in the next version.

If you have Mac OS X 10.6, you can turn this on by Control-clicking in the viewer. There will be a better way to do this in the next version of EagleFiler.

Maybe add this to the shortcuts list in the manual?

The suggested terms I’m seeing include terms not on that list, e.g., when I type “w”, I see, in addition to Tags I created, this list: web, web page monitor, web tool, widget, word, word processing, …. None of these are in the Tags inspector. Some of those, e.g., “web page monitor”, are not in my Library.

One more issue:

Could you add a pref to maintain sort column (and direction) and selected item for each source? I much prefer that than having to open and maintain these in separate windows. (Journler did this.)

Will do.

EagleFiler is probably getting those recent tags from OpenMeta. To turn off that feature, click here.

Yes, that’s a feature I’d like to add.

Thx—I see your note on p. 92; glad OpenMeta has gotten sorted out [credit to Tom and everybody]; I had stopped following its development some time ago.

In the PDF file record viewer, would it be possible to display either your notes field
or the Skim notes panel to the right of the PDF?

That would significantly increase the value of stepping through the PDFs. Thx.

There’s currently no way to do that, but those are possibilities for a future version.

Great. In the meantime, would it be possible to add a notes column to display the first part of the note?

Working on it.

Impressive development cycle you have here!

EagleFiler 1.5 lets you add a Notes column.

EagleFiler 1.5 adds this option to the Edit menu, and it will also remember whether you’ve turned it on.

This is in EagleFiler 1.5 as well.