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Quick Look keyboard shortcut change

I love me some Eagle Filer.

I’ve been evaluating four major “PIMs” this past year and am working on a thorough blog review of them all, but for the record—Eagle Filer came out on top.

My only question at this point is: can the keyboard shortcut for Quick Look be changed from CMD+Y to the normal OS X-wide “space”?. It drives me nuts!

(and it can’t be changed in the application specific keyboard shortcuts preferences because the menu item is dynamically named.)

Great work Michael! You’re definitely one of the top developers in the hallowed halls of Mac apps.


Please post a link when the review’s ready.

I didn’t support Spacebar originally because I wanted to reserve it for paging. After all, Command-Y is the shortcut that Apple’s applications advertise, and there’s no advertised shortcut for paging. However, the feedback has been that just about everyone expects Spacebar to be Quick Look. So I plan on adding that. In the meantime, it might be possible to add this yourself using Keyboard Maestro or FastScripts.

Quick Look: Full screen
I know that I can use the Zoom function (and do!), however I would also like to be able to go to full screen view (command-option-y) with Quick Look (and by the way, command-y or space bar really doesn’t matter to me). Any ideas? May this ever be added or am I just somehow missing it?


That’s certainly a possibility for a future version. You can do it now in two steps if you Quick Look and then click the “full screen” icon at the bottom of the Quick Look window.

With EagleFiler 1.5 you can press the Spacebar to open Quick Look.

EagleFiler 1.5 adds a Slideshow feature to do this.