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quicklook support?

I was wondering if you have any plans of building quicklook into EF (if that is at all possible of course)?

Yes, I certainly plan to add Quick Look support so that you can preview files that EagleFiler doesn’t natively know how to read.

Great news! Thanks very much!

quicklook = good
Glad to hear QuickLook may be included soon. I want it too. I imagine CoverFlow would be asking too much.

I just read in the OmniFocus forums that Together does just this, so I was wondering if it could be an option for EagleFiler, and a quick search later I get my answer. Great :wink:

Will this feature be available in the next version, or is it planned for the longer term?

It will be in 1.3.

Quick Look support was added in EagleFiler 1.3.