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Quits when attempt scripts

OS 10.4.9 installing SpamSieve on a new machine and everytime I try to create the Entourage, or Mail scripts the program quits. I have quit all other applications. Restarted the computer, and continue to experience the same problem.


I’ve received only one crash report from you, from when you were installing the Entourage scripts. It seems to have crashed while the OS was looking for scripting additions. Do you have any installed?

Have you tried launching Entourage before installing the scripts?

You can install the Entourage scripts manually by chooing “Show Other Scripts” from the SpamSieve menu, opening the parent folder, and copying the contents of the “Entourage Scripts” folder into your “Entourage Script Menu Items” folder (inside “Microsoft User Data”).

There is no command to install scripts for Mail. Are you referring to the “Install Apple Mail Plug-In” command? Please send me the crash log file:


so that I can see what happened.

Will work on sending logs
Thank you for the reply. I installed Spamseive on the Dual G5 while trying to get the Powerbook G4 back up and running - after a HD failure. Lucky for me I had a complete backup - but still need to get the essential software running.

Spamsieve is considered essential. I now have the Powerbook G4 partially operational. I will try to get Spamseive working here. I will let you know if I encounter any problems.