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Recently modified smart folder

For how long are items supposed to stay in the Recently added and Recently modified smart folders? Ive things disappearing after just a couple of minutes or so. But the do disappear after I move them into a new folder. And these folders are still shown in the smart folders, but I can’t open them. When I try, I get a new Finder windows instead.

Those show the 25 most recently added or modified files. So the time is not fixed; it will depend on how often your add or modify files.

At present (I’m considering changing this) double-clicking a folder will open it in the Finder. However, you can use the Select Source command to open the folder in the current window, or choose Open in New Window to open it in a separate one.

But the fact that my recently added files “disappeared” from the Recent Added smart folder, was that that the files actually were moved into folders? If I had succeeded in opening these two folders within EF, would the recently added files have shown up?


It looks like there’s a bug where those smart folders don’t show records that are inside folders. Sorry about that. I’ll fix this for the next version.

Fixed in EagleFiler 1.1.