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Reconciling Eagle Filer and Finder

I use EF routinely on a number of projects. The primary problem that I run into is that sometimes files are in the Finder folder, but not in EF (I got lazy or wasn’t as careful as I should have been). The result is puzzling, although I can usually find the files with Spotlight, move them to Finder, and then back into EagleFiler. Such problems are not bugs in EF, but manifestations of human lapses. Still, couldn’t things be easier?

Question: Couldn’t there be a pretty harmless EF script that would do automatic reconciliation, i.e., looking in each Finder folder continaing an EF library, noticing if there are any files in the folder that aren’t in the library, and–if there are–inserting them in the library?

Working the other direction, EF’s error-message window indicates when there are items in the library that can no longer be found where they are supposed to be. It would seem to me that there could be an interface allowing more efficient reconciliation than addressing the items one-by-one.

Though possible, it would be complicated and inefficient to do this via script, so I’m planning to make it a built-in feature.

Do you have a specific example in mind? If you moved some files in bulk, you could always move them back in bulk via the Finder. I’m not sure how EagleFiler’s interface could anticipate the variety of things you might have done.

EF &Finder(&UIG/Icon overhaul)
I am evaluating EF to move away from DT2 Office Pro !! Why easily importing files and finder friendly EF ! I did not realise that EF does not reflect changes in finder folders instantly . I had evaluated Together and decided against it because of its lack of multiple database support . However, Together DOES reflect changes in Finder directly on its database and for some reason I assumed that EF does that too ! I hope EF is going to have that feature soon .

What does “UIG” stand for? Do you mean “GUI”? If you have specific suggestions, I’d like to hear them (in an appropriate thread), but words like “horrible” and “overhaul” are not very constructive.

EagleFiler 1.5’s Scan for New Files feature will auto-detect new files that are added to the folder in the Finder.