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This program seems to work well with eaglefiler - at http://www.tastyapps.com/ - a safari plugin which gives you a single page pdf file capture of the web page you’re currently looking at with all the links intact and the original url stored in the spotlight comments.

I find that Red Snapper can archive a secure page which I can’t make EF do. For example, when I make an online purchase and am provided with an online receipt, I find that EF will not archive that page, but that Red Snapper will.

This is a feature I would very much like to see included in EF.

EagleFiler creates Web archives by asking the browser which URL it’s displaying and then downloading that page. This will usually not work for order confirmations because those pages rely on session state that wouldn’t be transferred from the browser to EagleFiler. The reason Red Snapper can do this is that it modifies the browser’s code and runs inside of it.

To archive an order confirmation with EagleFiler you can either use Safari’s File > Save command and save the Web archive into EagleFiler’s To Import folder, or you can print the page and use Save PDF To EagleFiler (though this PDF generated by the Mac OS X printing system will not have clickable links).