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Repeated emails from spam sender excape the Sieve

I use spamsieve with Apple Mail. Often, i train it with a certain sender, and yet the same sender gets to repeat emails to me without them being sent to the spam folder. i have checked to make sure they are not in my previous recipients list. I suppose there is a blacklist that i can put the sender on, but why is Spamsieve not catching these repeated emails from those senders?

SpamSieve automatically adds them to a blocklist. When this doesn’t help, it’s usually because of a problem in your mail program. Please see this page.

Verified everything…

I tested an email from Lands’ End <landsend@email.landsend.com>, with apply rule, and it worked. Now I’ll watch for future emails from that address.

If you’re dealing with e-mails from a reputable company such as Lands’ End, it’s better to unsubscribe from their mailing list than to train the messages as spam.

Yes, in general, you’re correct.
Well, I get my wife’s emails, and on her machine she would want to see these. So I am just keeping them out of my inbox


It’s a bad idea to tell SpamSieve that a message is spam if it isn’t actually spam. In this case, if your Mac must receive the e-mails but you don’t want to see them, I would suggest creating a rule in Apple Mail (above the SpamSieve rule) to deal with these messages. Since they’re not spam, it should be easy to come up with a condition (e.g. the sender address) to reliably match them.

Call LandsEnd email spam??

If my spam ‘corpus’ is strictly mine, and does not update any more global database of spammers, then I think what I am doing is proper. But do you mean to imply that by calling merely undesirable email spam, I am messing up a database that would affect other users, please tell me so. If that were the case, I would stop immediately.

But if what I am doing is harmless to others, then I don’t understand why your recommend against it. I realize that sometime in the future I may want emails from landsend; if that came about, I would train SpamSieve that this was not spam, and make sure the from address got into my previous recipients list in Apple Mail. Wouldn’t that do it?


Back to my original question

I just got an email from a company called Michigan Bulb, addressed to my wife, and with this FROM address: Michigan Bulb <offers@michiganbulb.com>

But I have specified earlier messages from this company as spam, as evidenced by the following from my corpus:

Word Spam Good Total Prob. Last Used
@michiganbulb.com 11 1 12 0.887 2/20/13
A:@michiganbulb.com 8 0 8 0.999 2/20/13
F:@michiganbulb.com 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
I:michiganbulb 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
I:michigantest 4 0 4 0.999 2/20/13
MI:dmi.michiganbulb.com 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
michigan 33 13 46 0.644 2/20/13
michiganan 0 1 1 0.005 2/12/12
R:^dmi^michiganbulb^com 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
R:^michiganbulb^com 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
RP:@dmi.michiganbulb.com 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
RT:@michiganbulb.com 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
U:michigan 0 2 2 0.002 2/12/12
U:michiganbulb 20 1 21 0.934 2/20/13
U:michigantest 4 0 4 0.999 2/20/13

So why wasn’t this latest email message put in my spam folder instead of my inbox??“

It’s your corpus, so it won’t affect other users, but it could reduce the filtering accuracy for you (both good messages and spams).

What does the log say about that message?

OK, I will stop training the way I was…
I see your point, and will stop training merely irksome messages as spam. I went to my spam folder and trained a bunch of previously rejected messages as good. I’ll look at Spam periodically and do this for messages that are not truly spam.

About the Michigan Bulb case, I looked at the log, but was unable to find the message in question, undoubtedly due to my inexperience.

Thanks for your help, and I will do some more reading of you documentation!

If there’s no “Predicted” entry for the message in the log, that means that SpamSieve was never asked to examine the message when it arrived. This could be due to a setup problem.