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Reply to message treated as Spam

I recently sent a message to someone (not in my address book) for the first time. Their reply arrived in my Spam folder. Obviously I then trained the message as good, but I was wondering if this is what is supposed to happen?

Is there a way of telling SpamSieve that if I send mail to an address, that address should be treated as “good”?

I’m using Mac Mail and have just upgraded to version 2.6.3 of SpamSieve - the instance above was with the previous version.

The normal accuracy of SpamSieve is so good that this stood out as unexpected. A great piece of software!



Yes. How to do this varies depending on whether you are using Apple Mail, Entourage, Mailsmith, or PowerMail.

But not in Thunderbird?


That’s great; thanks Michael.


In Thunderbird 2.x, go to Tools > Account Settings… and click on Junk Settings. Check “Do not mark mail as junk if sender is in” and set the pop-up menu to “Collected Addresses.” Note that this will make messages from your recipients’ addresses completely invisible to SpamSieve. So it won’t automatically learn from them, and even very spammy messages from them will always get through.